Moony Misses Month

See me shine as I burn myself, Call me beautiful as I crate myself, Tell me gorgeous as I question myself, Watch me pretty as I brace myself, Observe me handsome as I be myself, Praise me awesome as I am myself.

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Moms Versus Storms

Darker clouds dimming the day, Heartbreaking sadness dimming my day, Thunderstorms rumbling louder scaring away, Debtors shouts rumbling louder scaring me away, Storms breaking the peace in life, Mom breaking the storm bringing peace to life.

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Failure Fell Frozen

In the midst of living, trials rain down on the roof, In the flow of the trials, shows of helpful actors waves off, In the waves of acting help, bigger tsunamis of fake victory rises off, In the depth of fake victory, cold failures creeps and poof, In the creepiest poof of failure, I fell […]

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It Never Fails If

It never fails if words are meaningless than silence, It never fails if circumstances are harder than thoughts, It never fails if expressions are showed than kept, It never fails if waiting is permitted than rushing, It never fails if crying is followed by smiling than sadness, It never fails if a hand is always […]

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Blinding Burst Brightness

Passing by the end of the road I see an unending journey, Passing by the end of the day I see a life so fragile, Passing by the end of the space I see a life bottled up, Passing by the end my life I wish I see a burst of brightness blinding me…

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Lived Loved Left

Surprised I am changes passing windows, Surprised I am person wandering in and out, Surprised I am growth and failure together traveled, Surprised I am rising and falling apart of me became, Surprised I am where I am today because of you…

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Personification Of Wonder

Between gaps of two creations one fell one floats, I wonder how, Between distance of two lands one grew one latent, I wonder how, Between breaks of two pieces one cracks one stays, I wonder how, Between timelines of two beings one passes one try to pass, I wonder why.

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Willingly Melting

Years of slashed scars taught me I could stand more of it, Days of dim light showed me a little brightness is all that it takes, Hours of thinking made me think how much it means nothing to think, Minutes of eye contact reflected the mess in the mirror, Seconds of giving up proved how […]

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